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Eutiner Festspiele Top on Google

From: shz-Online – by: Susanne Link

Eutiner Top-Themes 2018 - What terms did Internet users search for on Google in connection with Eutin? The company reveals it.

EUTIN Lunar Eclipse, Euro Lira and the wedding of Harry and Meghan - these are the headlines that moved the Germans in 2018. At least that was the result of the analysis of millions of search queries made by users of the search engine Google during the course of the year.

But what interested Google users in Eutin? For the OHA, Google Trends evaluated the most popular eutin terms. These search terms had a particularly strong increase in inquiries compared to the previous year.

The Eutiner Festspiele was ranked 1st in the list of top climbers. In 2018, the open-air event had the most successful season in more than ten years. The idea of the new managing director, Falk Herzog, to attract new visitors with a musical next to the traditional opera, paid off. "We broke new ground when we focused on a major musical production and it quickly became clear that it would be a hit with the public," said Managing Director Falk Herzog in August.

The Sana-Klinik made it to the 2nd place of the top climbers of the year. In addition to the takeover of the Sana-Kliniken by the Swiss Ameos Group, which was announced in autumn, the hospital in Eutin had to struggle with water damage. In September, Florian Glück replaced Klaus Abel, the old managing director of the Sana-Kliniken Ostholstein. The inauguration coincided with the opening of the new Central Emergency Department in the Oldenburg Sana-Klinik.

On the 3rd place on the list of Google Trends landed the city festival Eutin. The 34th edition of the two-day festival had a high number of visitors this year. Tens of thousands of visitors came to the district town in August in sunny, dry weather and pleasant temperatures.

At the Bluesfest in May (4th place) 14 bands performed, among others the US-American Bluesrockers of the "Altered Five Blues Band" and the Danish band "Paragraph 8ight". It was questionable whether the Blues festival would continue in Eutin, as the supporting association "Baltic Blues" had threatened not to continue the international festival in Eutin. After a discussion with the administration, members of the support association and Baltic Blues in November, it is now clear that the festival will remain.

On the 5th place landed the soccer club Eutin 08, which made headlines in 2018 with its relegation from the regional league to the upper league. In November, the club announced that Dennis Jaack would become the team's new coach, replacing Lars Callsen.

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