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A new stage for the festival

from: LN-Online – by: Ulrike Benthien

Before the season starts, major investments are made in Eutin. In 2019 the opera "Ein Maskenball" and the musical "Kiss me, Kate" will be shown. The interest is great: More than 9000 tickets have already been sold.

Eutin - The Eutin Festival is investing heavily before the start of the new season. The entire basic stage was renovated for around 60,000 euros. "So far we have had a sloping stage adapted to the hill. But we need as even a surface as possible, especially for dance scenes," explains Managing Director Falk Herzog at a press conference. "The universal stage frame is variable, it consists of two modules measuring one meter each and can theoretically be built differently every year. Another advantage: "Conversion and set-up times are massively reduced. The construction time of the basic platform is now only two to three days instead of two to three weeks. This enables us to use the stage for other purposes during the festival season," says Falk Herzog.

Hardy Rudolz is not least happy about this acquisition. After 2012 and 2018, he will be staging again this year and next year in Eutin - now as Artistic Director Musical. Rehearsals for "Kiss me, Kate" will begin on 27 May. "With 19 actors plus choir, and a lot of dancing," he announces. Rudolz, born 1955, actor, singer, entertainer, director, choreographer and internationally experienced musical performer, says: "I love 'Kiss me, Kate'. We will play this wonderful comedy with mistakes and confusions in Eutin in German. It will be fast, funny and entertaining." The play is about a theatre troupe performing a musical version of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew". "In Germany, 'Kiss me, Kate' is usually told very operetta, but I don't want that. There are such great dialogues," says Rudolz. He will bring out the actors in the singers.

Interest in musicals and opera in equal measure
The advance sale proves that the interest of the visitors is equally valid for the musical as for the opera (in the summer "A Masked Ball" by Giuseppe Verdi, staged by director Dominique Caron), says festival press spokeswoman Ulrike Horstmann. 9403 tickets were sold in total. "That's 1500 more tickets than at the same time in 2018," Falk Herzog states. After massive poster campaigns last year in Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel and on the coast, it is now clear from ticket sales via the web shop that the Hamburg region in particular is very curious about the festival. Ulrike Horstmann says that many customers find the web shop via the newly designed Festspiele homepage.

Wider programme, more performances
Falk Herzog and Hardy Rudolz agree that the festival needs a broader programme and more performances - this was already suggested to them by the management consultancy Actori. Dominique Caron says that for children and the "young at heart", the "Abu Hassan" Singspiel by Carl Maria von Weber will be performed three times in the Torhaus in summer. In order to be able to play it accordingly (the landlord is the city), the festival itself provides the chairs. "We will also acquire our own sound and lighting technology," says the managing director. Rudolz would also like to remind visitors of the festival in winter and spring: A small concert, which he will give in Malente on 10 March together with a colleague from Hamburg, should be the beginning.

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