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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
of the Neue Eutiner Festspiele gGmbH (NEF)

Please note that this translation of our General Terms and Conditions into English is for information purposes only. Only the original General Terms and Conditions in the German language are legally binding.

1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the relationship between the Neue Eutiner Festspiele gGmbH (hereinafter uniformly referred to as "NEF") and the individual, corporate and group customers (hereinafter uniformly referred to as "Customers") and are an integral part of every contract between them. Legal transactions between NEF and its customers are exclusively subject to the following General Terms and Conditions in their current version.

The General Terms and Conditions apply to events of NEF as well as to guest performances and concerts, and special events in the NEF programme. Different regulations may also apply to guest performances.

2. Venue

2.1 Sea stage

The venue "Seebühne" is situated in a unique natural setting, in the middle of the castle garden, which is a listed building. The garden is to be burdened as little as possible. Fixed buildings, barriers and pathways are adapted to this goal. Signs and lighting are reduced to a minimum. The venue is an open-air stage, the grandstand and the stage are not covered. To protect the instruments, the orchestra pit is covered with an acoustic tarpaulin, which can be opened depending on the weather conditions.

2.2 Legal regulations

The events are generally not suitable for small children under 6 years of age, unless it is a designated children's and youth production. Separate age limits are set for this purpose. Pyrotechnic objects may not be brought along. A security check may be carried out upon admission. Smoking is absolutely prohibited on the entire grandstand, open fire is also prohibited.

In the event of fire or other dangerous situations, all those present must leave the grandstand and the grounds immediately through the marked exits and emergency exits without detours. In such cases, the instructions of the security personnel must be strictly followed.

Persons may be expelled from the current performance if they disturb it or annoy other people present. Furthermore, admission can be refused if there is a reasonable suspicion that the person will disturb the performance or annoy other guests and/or if the house rules have been violated earlier. The theatre can exclude these persons from the performance or ban them from the house. In these cases the entrance fee will not be refunded.
It is not permitted to take a seat other than the one indicated on the ticket. In case of an unauthorized change of seat, the difference in price can be charged or the customer can be expelled from this seat or from the performance. Objects that are likely to disturb the performance (e.g. mobile phones, electronic watches) must be switched off. For safety reasons, no bulky objects (e.g. large bags, rucksacks, child seats, etc., which hinder the freedom of movement of others) may be taken onto the grandstand. Animals are not allowed in the theatre. Excluded from this rule are guide dogs, for which, however, registration is required at the time of ticket purchase.

2.2 Parking spaces

You will find parking spaces in the pedestrian area of the Alter Bauhof/Opernscheune/Schlossgarten. Please inform yourself about parking possibilities in the vicinity of the event on our website www.eutiner-festspiele.de before you arrive. Please note that you may need to allow time to get from your chosen parking space to the Seebühne in the Schlossgarten. A limited number of parking spaces are available for wheelchair users directly at the Opera Barn. The parking spaces must be reserved free of charge at the concert box office when booking tickets.

3. Admission fees and discounts

3.1 General information

The performances are assigned to different price categories, which are listed in the publications. The prices, reductions and fees can be found in particular in the season booklet, the programme, the Internet and/or by posting them at the box office. Errors and changes reserved.

3.2 Reductions

The following groups of people receive a discount on the price of a day ticket in advance and at the evening box office:

  • Schoolchildren, students and trainees under 18 years of age receive a 20% discount on the respective ticket price.
  • Owners of a NDR cultural ticket receive a 10% discount on the respective ticket price.
  • Severely disabled persons with a degree of disability of 80% or more receive a 20% discount on the respective ticket price.
  • Accompanying persons of severely disabled persons (80% GdB), who make use of their right to take along (mark B), also receive a 20% discount on the respective ticket price upon presentation of the corresponding identification.

A combination of several discounts is not possible.

Discounts are granted to the entitled groups of persons upon presentation of the appropriate proof of identity. The simultaneous granting of several discounts per ticket is excluded. Purchasers of reduced-price tickets are obliged to prove their entitlement to a reduction on request of the admission staff when attending the performance. If the proof is not provided, NEF is entitled to charge the difference or, if necessary, to refuse admission.

3.3 Subscriptions

Information on the different subscription types and prices as well as on the special subscription conditions is available at the box office and on the NEF website.

4. Ticket sales

4.1 General information

Tickets can be purchased at the box office, affiliated advance booking offices and in writing, by telephone or via the Internet. The terms and conditions of the advance booking offices may vary. If the order is placed in writing, by telephone or via the Internet, a customer or order number will be provided as confirmation verbally or in writing (for Internet sales by e-mail). Each order of tickets is thus binding immediately after confirmation and obliges the customer to accept and pay for the tickets ordered.

The box office is open Mo. to Fr. from 9:00 to 12:00 and on days with performances 2 hours before the performance begins. During the theatre holidays and on Sundays and public holidays (with the exception of event days) the concert box office is closed. The evening box office opens 2 hours before the performance begins. The box office closes at the beginning of the performance.

4.2 Advance booking

The general advance booking usually starts several months before the respective premiere for all performance dates of a production. For individual productions there may be a different advance booking start date. The dates are listed on www.eutiner-festspiele.de. Special arrangements apply for special performances.

4.3 Reservations/Pickup of tickets (unpaid tickets)

Ticket orders in writing (by post or e-mail) and by telephone are possible at the earliest at the beginning of the advance sale. Reserved tickets must be collected within 10 days (after receipt of the order), but no later than 1 working day before the respective performance. In exceptional cases, tickets can be reserved for the evening box office, in which case the tickets must be collected at the latest 1 hour before the performance begins.

Ticket orders placed on the day of the performance must also be collected at the latest 1 hour before the performance begins.

If an option for the purchase of tickets has been granted (reservation), this option expires without replacement if it is not exercised within the agreed reservation period.

Paid tickets can be picked up at the box office until the beginning of the performance.

If tickets are requested to be sent, NEF will charge a flat-rate shipping fee in addition to the purchase price. The tickets will be sent to the customer at the customer's risk after full payment has been received, i.e. the customer is liable for the accidental loss of the tickets through no fault of his own. A delay in the receipt of dispatched admission tickets by the customer through no fault of his own is equivalent to the accidental loss of the admission tickets. The tickets received are to be checked for correctness and completeness (in particular event, date, time, price and number); complaints are to be reported immediately to the concert box office in writing.

Paid tickets can be picked up at the box office until the beginning of the performance. If tickets are not collected, there is no claim to compensation or refund of the purchase price.

4.4 Online tickets

The purchase of Online Tickets is possible for holders of credit cards or various electronic payment methods on the NEF website. The offer to conclude a contract is made by the customer as soon as he has placed his online ticket order. In the online booking process, the customer confirms the ticket prices listed there. Fees displayed before conclusion of the contract are part of the contract between the Customer and NEF. If the delivery of the tickets is desired, the delivery of the ordered tickets is at the customer's expense and risk, i.e. the customer is liable for the accidental loss of the tickets through no fault of his own. If the customer receives dispatched admission tickets late through no fault of his own, this is equivalent to the accidental loss of the admission tickets. The Customer is obliged to check the tickets immediately after delivery for correctness and completeness (in particular event, date, time, price and number) and to make complaints to NEF immediately in writing or by e-mail.

For the Print@home method, the Print@home ticket must be printed in DIN A4 paper format. It may not be duplicated or altered. If copies of this Print@home ticket are found, only the owner who appears first at the entrance will be admitted to the event. Furthermore, NEF reserves the right to demand payment of the total value of the duplicated Print@home tickets from the ticket purchaser whose ticket has been duplicated without authorisation through his fault. NEFs are not liable in case of loss and/or misuse of the Print@home ticket.

4.5 Vouchers

Vouchers are valid for 4 years from the date of purchase or issue. With the expiry of the validity the owner of the voucher loses his right to redemption. It is not

5. Return and exchange of tickets / loss of tickets

5.1 General

The return of admission tickets against a refund of the admission price is generally excluded. In justified exceptional cases, tickets can be exchanged for another performance of the same production up to 2 days before the performance. A processing fee of 5.00 € per ticket is to be paid for this.

5.2 Changes and cancellation of performances

In the event of changes in the cast, there is no entitlement to a refund or reduction of the admission fee or exchange of the ticket. If a different production is played than announced, the previously purchased tickets will be taken back until the beginning of the performance against refund of the ticket price. Further expenses will not be reimbursed.

NEF will make every effort to play in all weather conditions. However, due to the nature of the open-air stage, this is not always possible. The organizer therefore reserves the right to postpone the start of a performance by up to one hour, to interrupt or even cancel the performances in case of bad weather and/or in case of danger to the performers and/or the audience and/or in case of damage to equipment, especially musical instruments and event technology, which is to be feared.

Cancellation may generally be made at the earliest immediately before or after the start of the performance. With the appropriate official order, the event can also be cancelled earlier. If a performance has to be cancelled before the beginning (e.g. in case of extreme weather conditions), a refund will only be made using the form provided for this purpose. The original admission tickets and a completely filled out refund form must be sent to

Neue Eutiner Festspiele gGmbH
Alter Bauhof 11
D 23701 Eutin

Forms are available at the Map Centre and as a download from our website www.eutiner-festspiele.de. The refund must be claimed by the end of the year (receipt by Neue Eutiner Festspiele gGmbH) in which the event was cancelled. After that date it is assumed that the claim for reimbursement may be used as a donation to the Neue Eutiner Festspiele gGmbH. This will be expressly pointed out in the notification of cancellation. A later refund after the aforementioned deadline has expired is not possible. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed. Only refund forms sent in full and the original tickets enclosed are considered to have been received and processed within the deadline. A cash payment is not possible.

If a performance/performance is played and then has to be cancelled (e.g. in extreme weather conditions) during or after the intermission, there is no right to a refund.

5.3 Additional services

There is no entitlement to additional services such as surtitles, introductions, audience discussions, premiere celebrations, etc. They are not part of the ticket price. If a service is not or only partially offered or fails, there is no entitlement to a refund of the admission price or price reduction.

5.4 Loss of tickets

A refund of the purchase price or the handing out of replacement tickets in the event of loss of admission tickets, vouchers or exchange vouchers is generally excluded.

6. Beginning/Admission

6.1 Admission

The venue is usually opened one hour before the performance begins.

6.2 Late arrival of a visitor

After the start of a performance, in consideration of the participating artists and other guests, the spectator area may not be entered or may only be entered at a suitable time determined by the locking staff. This also applies if a guest leaves the auditorium during a performance and wishes to return. There is no entitlement to a subsequent admission.

6.3 Wheelchair users

Subject to availability, a limited number of places are available for wheelchair users. The entitlement to a seat suitable for disabled persons only exists if it is stated when the ticket is purchased that the customer is dependent on such a seat.

7. Audio, photographic and video recordings

Audio, photographic and video recordings at the venue are strictly prohibited for copyright reasons. Violations are punishable according to the copyright law. Recording devices and cameras of any kind may not be taken into the auditorium.

In the event of violations, the house staff is entitled to confiscate recording equipment and cameras and retain them until the end of the event. Films and recording materials of any kind on which parts of the performance are recorded may be confiscated and kept by the theatre. They will be returned to the owner if the latter has agreed to the deletion of the recordings.

By purchasing the ticket, customers of the theatre declare their consent to the theatre making audio, photographic and video recordings within the framework of the event and to the reproduction and publication of these without any time and space restrictions. This consent is given expressly under waiver of any claim to remuneration.

8. Own drinks and food/behaviour on the grandstand

8.1 Bringing your own drinks and food

Bringing food and drinks is generally permitted, but consumption is only desired during the break. Please note that for safety reasons it is forbidden to bring glass bottles onto the grandstand. We ask our guests - also in the interest of environmental protection - to use returnable containers and returnable bottles.

8.2 Carrying bags and larger and other objects/liability

Taking larger objects (bags, baskets, umbrellas, rucksacks, etc.) to the seats is not permitted under the Venue Regulations, as they may block escape routes. Similarly, walking aids and similar objects may only be taken into the grandstand area if it is ensured that they cannot obstruct the traffic routes in the event of evacuation. Walking aids are to be parked outside the grandstand area at exits F and A after consultation with the steward's staff.

The use of umbrellas or sunshades on the grandstand is not permitted.

NEF is not liable for lost or damaged guest items (including walking frames), nor for the loss of items in the area of the venue or in the theatre building.

Found objects of all kinds must be handed in to the security personnel or at the concert box office. The loss of items must also be reported to the security personnel.

Prams, baby bags and similar items are not permitted in the auditorium due to the regulations in the Assembly Rooms Ordinance. The stairways and the rows between the rows of seats must be kept free accordingly. Visitors may be expelled from the venue if they violate these regulations. Smoking is not permitted on the stands, even during the breaks, for fire safety reasons. Smoking areas are available near the stands. Disturbances, especially if they prevent the start or lead to the cancellation of an event, obligate the disturbing party to pay damages to the NEF. We recommend our guests to wear rainproof clothing, but do not use umbrellas as they impair the view and acoustics.

9. Liability/compensation

9.1 Liability

NEF accepts no liability whatsoever for property damage or physical injury of any kind, unless NEF, its legal representative or vicarious agent has acted with intent or gross negligence.

9.2 Compensation for damages

The Customer's claims for damages arising from positive breach of contract, from culpa in contrahendo, and from tort are excluded, unless NEF, its legal representative or vicarious agent has acted with intent or gross negligence and no essential contractual obligations have been breached.

Claims for damages arising from impossibility of performance and delay as well as from breach of essential contractual obligations are limited to compensation for foreseeable damage in the case of slight negligence.

For external services (e.g. catering services), it is not NEF, but the respective service provider who is directly liable.

10. Privacy policy

NEF is entitled to process, store and use the Customer's data received in connection with the business relationship for the purposes of the Theatre's performance of its duties, i.e. for the establishment, arrangement or modification of the contractual relationship and the handling of communication with the Customer, in accordance with the Schleswig-Holstein State Data Protection Act.

11. References and links

NEF is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from its pages - unless NEF has full knowledge of illegal contents and would be able to prevent the visitors of its site from viewing those pages.

NEF hereby expressly declares that at the time the links were created, no illegal content was discernible on the linked pages. NEF has no influence on the current and future design, content or authorship of the linked pages. Therefore, they hereby expressly distance themselves from all content of all linked/connected pages that were changed after the link was set. This statement applies to all links and references set within the company's own website as well as to external entries in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by NEF.

For illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and in particular for damages resulting from the use or non-use of such information, the provider of the site to which reference is made shall be solely liable, and not the person who merely refers to the respective publication via links.

12. Applicable law, place of performance and jurisdiction, severability clause

German law applies.

The place of performance and jurisdiction for all claims arising between NEF and customers from the business relationship is Eutin.

If individual provisions of these GTC are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the provision customary in the industry for this case, or, in the absence of a permissible provision customary in the industry, by the corresponding statutory provision.

13. Effective date

These General Terms and Conditions shall become effective as of 01.09.2019 and replace the previously applicable regulations.

As of: 01.09.2019

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